Team for TMS-EEG

Open large-scale initiative

to improve the quality of TMS-EEG research


T4TE provides a framework for the TMS-EEG community to join in an international collaborative effort, with the aim of improving the quality of TMS-EEG research through high methodological rigor, acquisition of large datasets, scientific transparency and data sharing. 

T4TE will endorse collaborative projects aimed at testing the RELIABILITY, the VALIDITY and APPLICABILITY 

of specific TMS-EEG indexes (e.g., TMS-Evoked Potentials, Global Mean Field Power, Natural Frequencies, etc.)


Is the index reliable?


What does the index represent?


Can the index be considered as a biomarker?

Check out ongoing T4TE projects! 

T4TE initiative has been published on Brain Stimulation

T4TE Project 1 Motor TMS-Evoked Potentials (M1-TEPs)

Progress: Joining labs had the second online meeting on March 3rd. Stay tuned for the next updates!